H.M.S Victory

On the Home page of my Blog is an article called "Genesis of Battle" after reading the article, I started thinking about the conditions on a gun deck during battle. The following pictures of H.M.S Victory's gun decks,  help the imagination to create a mental picture of what it may have been like in the heat of battle.

The Mighty Cannon

H.M.S Victory's bow and forecastle

Some of the progress I have made with the construction of Victory

Victory's Belfry

Victory pics

08 May 2011

Victory's cannon's

07 May 2011

A cross section of H.M.S Victory,  also stern and bow view showing the hull lines. One could just imagine building a ship of this size in full scale with the available tools of the day. The keel alone was aprox 53 cm square with a length of just over 46m. To think that this ship is still alive and well in Portsmouth harbour for all to visit is a testament to the craftsmanship of the Royal dockyards. There are more drawings of the Victory to follow,  as I wish to draw a complete set of drawings suitable for a scratch build.

01 May 2011

H.M.S Victory's head detail 

08 January 2011

The Victory's launch which I received with my first delivery (issue six) on the left and my own scratch built attempt on the right. The launch on the right will be for Couronne, Mahogany planking and all. I found making the ribs a bit of a challenge with one piece of timber, so I laminated two bits of timber cross grain to stop them breaking while cutting. I used the jig from Victorys launch to build the new one, simply glued them in place at the correct spacing according to the jig.

The keel still needs to be added.

31st December 2010

I have finally received issue 1, enclosed in the envelope were two magazines, 1 12 pound canon, a very neat DVD on model building and 4 hull parts. The hull parts will be set aside for now until some more are received.
I have started with the canon and will post some pics when it is complete, as usual I have deviated from the plan and made some modifications to improve the design a bit. I have also copied the design of the gun carriage and the canon for the La Corona (same scale). A pic is posted on the front page of the blog. Also the hull planking is complete on the launch, some sanding has been done. I have not yet decided whether to paint or stain the launch, I will decide further along with the Victory build. I am quite interested to see what will arrive with the next installment of the Victory build.

November 2010

I have decided to subscribe to the De-Agostini H.M.S Victory Model, and were off to a very good start. Received a parcel slip in the Po Box a month and a half after subscribing, very excited I went to redeem my prize at the Po counter. Upon opening the envelope, much to my disappointment I discovered that I will be starting the build with issue six. Enclosed was a letter explaining the situation, so I decided to phone "customer service" why did I bother they are about as help full as a dose of the clap. So off we go with the Victory's launch. Some pics below. This is my first attempt at a kit build, only ever done scratch builds. Am at present busy with La Corona and a Yacht. I hope to keep this blog going on a regular basis as an archive for my grandson to use one day, as I hope he will one day find the reward one gets from building a project like this.
The line on the Transom is to mark the cut line, when you are finished the hull planking the hull will be cut away from the jig

I decided to plank starting on either side of the center line, instead of over the center line
Its actually quite nice to work with pre cut parts saves quite a bit of time, although the launch is a bit on the small side its not that bad at all to build. The parts are a lot smaller and thinner than what I am used to, I found fairing the hull a bit delicate thank goodness for super glue as i broke one of the ribs off luckily at the cut line.If you wish to see another build in progress at Model space goto the following URL
http://forum.model-space.co.uk/default.aspx?g=posts&t=1329 Its quite entertaining, while you are there have a look at some of the other builds.
Well thats it for now untill next time, soon I hope,  as I am now on leave for 15 Days.